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  • You must pay for your trade stands before you enter the show ground.
  • Without an official exhibitor’s pass, you will not be allowed access to the show ground. 
  • Submission of an application form for a trade stand does not ensure trading space at Gorey Agricultural Show, and the Committee reserve the right to refuse an application.
  • Applicants will only be considered if we receive a completed application form, insurance details and fee. Incomplete entry forms will be returned to applicant.  No Fee - No Space,  No Insurance - No Space.
  • Exhibitors/traders must pitch within and on their allotted space. You will NOT be allowed to change your site – if you do not occupy your allotted space you will be removed from the ground and no refund made.  Vehicles that do not fit into allotted space must be parked in the Car Park.
  • Only goods that are declared on the official trade stand application can be sold at Gorey Agricultural Show, trading or selling of harmful items is strictly forbidden, e.g. Pellet Guns, Knives, Balloons, Water Pistols.  Any Trader found in breach of these terms will be removed from the Show Field, and will not be refunded.
  • No aerosol cans or similiar - e.g streamers.  
  • Traders must only trade from their allocated stand, and no soliciting is allowed within the aisles.
  • No rubbish is to be left on site - PLEASE USE BINS/SKIPS PROVIDED.
  • Ticket selling is strictly not allowed, no fundraising or collections are allowed without prior written consent from Gorey Agricultural Show Committee.
  • You should carefully read the terms and conditions set out above and included with this agreement. By booking online you agree to conform as an exhibitor/trader to all rules, regulations, terms & conditions of “The Gorey Agricultural Show” and undertake to notify your representatives or agents of them.

Trade Stand Coordinator: Stella Davis - 087 9082670