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We all want to have a successful, enjoyable show but also a safe and accident-free occasion. To ensure this, the co-operation of all is vital, including exhibitors, spectators and organisers.

A few guidelines to note in relation to safety are as follows:

  • Please observe signs - especially those relating to caution in livestock areas.
  • Please do not exhibit animals that are unsuitable with regard to safety e.g. hard to control.
  • It is advisable for exhibitors to have insurance on their animals, to include exhibiting at the Show.
  • All animals must be led by a competent handler and be halter trained.
  • Animals should not be tied to trailers.
  • Dogs should be on a lead and under the control of the handler.
  • Caution and care should be exercised at all times.

So, come early and have a safe and enjoyable visit to our Show.