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Class 1 - Puppy Class

1st - Anthony Daly and Shelby, 2nd - Mark Kells and Tyson, 3rd - Jade Dunphy and Kiki .

Class 2 - Best Small Dog

1st - Kathleen Murphy and Bella, 2nd - Amy Kavanagh and Chip, 3rd - Amanda Hatton and Brody

Class 3 - Best Toy Dog

1st - Philomena Kelly and Rosie, 2nd - Shayna Glynn and Maya Cosgrave with Sky, 3rd - Ann Buckley with Pompi

Class 4 - Best Terrier

1st - Michael Quinn and Sammy, 2nd - Fiona White and Fern, 3rd - Margeurite Donohue and Marley

Class 5 - Best Gun Dog

1st - Shane Doyle and Meadow, 2nd - Yvonne Caden and Emerald, 3rd - Síofra Willoughby and Cody

Class 6 - Best Sheep Dog

1st - Jody Cleary and Stella, 2nd - Michael O'Toole, 3rd - Ann Buckley

Class 7 - Best Working Dog

1st - Kate O'Leary and Rocko, 2nd - Síofra Willoughby and Chase, 3rd - Nicole Robinson and Sky Rocket

Class 8 - Best Groomed Dog

1st - Jon Williams and Charlie, 2nd - Aoife Deacon with Indie, 3rd - Amanda Hatton with Brody

Class 9 - Best Dog Handled by a Child

1st - Doireann Shiel and Trigger, 2nd - Florrie Hughes and Daisy, 3rd -Tiernan Goff and Ted

Class 10 - Best Rescue Dog

1st - Fiachra(Arlene Creagan) with Chase, 2nd - Pearl Stanley with Cara Rescue Dogs, 3rd - Zac Carswell with Rocko

Class 11 - Special Judges Category (take home) Dog

1st - Issie Jones with Bella, 2nd - Ruth Power with Pippa, 3rd - Steven Tang with Kiyomi

Championship - Best overall Dog in Show

1st - Shane Doyle with Meadow, 2nd - Jon Willliams with Charlie