Agricultural Show Association - Funding 2018

 Mon, 18th Dec, 2017

Great news for all Agricultural Shows across the country, Michael Ring TD, Minister for Rural & Community Development has written to all Shows advising that he will be providing €812000 in financial assistance to help Agricultural Show Organizers with the cost of running their shows for 2018. What a welcome boost for all Agricultural Shows. Thank you Mininster Ring!!

€800,000 Govt investment will provide huge boost for 120 Agricultural Shows around the country – Minister Ring

The Minister for Rural and Community Development, Michael Ring TD, has said the €812,000 allocation by his Department to Agricultural shows represents an important investment in rural communities and the rural economy. Minister Ring was speaking today as he announced a once off allocation of funding to support almost 120 agricultural shows around the country which are due to take place in 2018.

Each show is due to receive up to €7,000 from the Government in an effort to support these important rural community events. This investment is being carried out in coordination with the Irish Shows Association and the recipients are all members of that Association.

Minister Ring said: “This represents a substantial investment in rural communities and in the rural economy by the Government. I know that this funding will provide a huge boost to the agricultural shows that are such an integral part of our rural culture. They are a showcase for local communities and for all that is good about rural Ireland.

“I know that many shows have struggled in recent years as a result of adverse weather and increased costs. These shows have been a mainstay of the local summer and their absence has been keenly felt.  I hope that this once-off funding will help prevent that situation recurring next year and will help these shows to get back on a sound footing.

“Smaller shows have particularly struggled in recent years. This funding recognises the particular pressures being faced by these smaller shows and will be a great boost to them.

“These shows contribute significantly to the local economies of towns and villages and their hinterlands across Ireland. They are only able to continue because of the commitment of local volunteers. I’m delighted, therefore, to be able to assist them in this way for 2018.”

The Minister emphasised the great variety of activities in local agricultural shows: “There is literally something for everyone. It’s not all about livestock; there is entertainment, competitions, craft fairs, cookery and other demonstrations and competitions. These shows are a real celebration of local heritage. I’m delighted to be supporting this opportunity to celebrate and shine a spotlight on the best that local people and their communities have to offer the visitors from near and far.”